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Magic Window Studios is a content creation brand headed by AlienOvan, there are various projects ongoing at the moment, managed single-handedly by one creator. Production on projects cycle regularly, giving each project equal amounts of attention.

However, a small community of supporters and subscribers help influence project priorities, through feedback and subscriptions, to ensure that content can continue to be created and to the highest quality attainable, and give the fans the type of content they’re searching for!

Check out the three main project sectors being worked on at this very moment!

Last updated: 11th September 2022

VRChat Avatar Creation
(Virtual & Digital Development)

Giant Shinobi posed with a friend atop Twilight Town’s clock tower. A location accessible only through Shinobi’s Sit-point and flight utilities

AlienOvan is developing avatars for the popular Virtual-Reality Social Platform VRChat, preparing characters that can be donned as avatars for public-use. More characters, features and refinements for those characters are worked on over time so there’s always something to look forward to in avatar creation. Avatar Creation using third-party sources will remain a hobby, but subscribing to the Virtual & Digital Entertainment Development tier will help fund efforts to add new features to avatars, port new avatars and eventually see the creation of all new, MWS-made avatars for all to enjoy!

You don’t need to have a VR-Headset to play VRChat, and all avatars are tested to be functional in Desktop mode!

Avatar features currently available:
Expression Menu: Easy to use Menu to customise avatar cosmetics and toggle utility options;
Colour variations: Be your ‘own version’ of a character with alternate skins that change more than just clothes;
Sit-points and Toggles: Avatars seats which others can use to sit on the avatar’s hands and/or shoulders;
Flight-Toggle: Enables intuitive flight to access areas not normally reachable in normal play;
Light-Sources: Avatars have access to a powerful but balanced Head-lamp and Personal-Aura to illuminate dark worlds.

More features to come in future developments, such as:
Footstep Sounds: Playing a sound clip of footstep sounds when the feet touch the ground, and toggles to turn them off;
An Avatar World: So that users can browse and clone avatars on their own time and try them out.
Props: The ability to add items that can be used for roleplaying purposes.
Prop special effects: Adding sounds and particles to items for added playability.
Avatar dynamics: The ability to have items on the avatar that can be ‘picked up’ realistically from its location.
Invisibility / After-Image: The ability to turn invisible, or freeze the avatar in place while relocating undetected;
Noclip Tool: Theoretically, it should be possible to create a seat that the user can use to bypass physical barriers.

The Avatars in development are created at Giant and Tiny sizes: Giant avatars come with Sit-points that not only allow smaller players to sit in their hands or shoulders, but a quirk in the Sit-point system also enables them to carry passengers to high places and through walls and obstacles that would normally be unreachable! Giant and Tiny avatars will give users a new perspective on the world, and be able to play certain characters at the size they canonically appear in their original media!

Avatar sizes include:
Tiny size: 6 inches
Small size: 2.5ft
Large (Compatibility) size: 10ft
Huge size: 30ft
Gargantuan (Max) size: 72ft

Avatars are prepared to have a good rating as much as possible, however due to restrictions on avatar scaling and the use of Light-Sources, some avatars may score as Medium or Verypoor, even if more important rendering criteria is met.

Viridian-Fantasy TableTop Role-Playing Game
(TTRPG Development)

A colossal-sized Monk in Red stands firm to protect his adventuring party.


AlienOvan is working on an original TableTop Role-Playing Game system and setting called Viridian-Fantasy (Wiki found HERE), Viridian-Fantasy is a world set close to its version of the Industrial-Revolution called the Age of Adventures, a populisation of groups of brave explorers to travel across the world to discover and uncover the undiscovered for progress and profit! The advancement of time allows fantasy adventurers to take advantage of chemistry, firearms and a steampunk aesthetic in conjunction with classic medieval knights and wizardry.

Built on the foundation of the classic tabletop-RPG client, Maptool, Viridian-Fantasy will combine the ease of computer-assisted Macros to semi-automate routine game tasks to make it easier for new players to play and make combat quicker to execute! Part of game development will include downloads for pre-made macros and properties to set up PC tokens for play.

Viridian-Fantasy has an open-ended character progression system which gives Player-Characters the option to exchange Progression-Points for various improvement options. Archetypes enable players to pick a foundation for their character without the ridged structure of class-based systems found in other games. A reactive, rewarding Skill Potential system that provides scaling bonuses based on point-investment and grants Skill-Perks upon achieving Skill-Rank milestones.

Viridian-Fantasy presents a new twist with an expanded Size-mechanic system that not only creates uncomprimising, avant-gardé gameplay for Players, but is the first TTRPG to openly allow giant player-characters in normal campaigns! Adventurers ranging from Tiny to Colossal can go on adventurers with each other, helping each other overcome challenges through the fundamental force of scale and stature. Size-mechanics are designed to work in equilibrium: Two creatures of the same size, even if they’re x16 times larger than a human, will contest each other as if they were normal-sized. Giants are powerful but limited by their environment, tinyfolks are limited in power but can reach places no other adventurer can go.

Features include:
d20 game system conversion and compatibility with games such as Pathfinder/Dungeons & Dragon 3.5;
Archetypes that simulate traditional classes without ridged structures, their perks available to all other players;
Direct-Damage for attacks (no more rolling 1s on successful hits);
♦ Flexible Action-Point system to give players more freedom when choosing their actions;
♦ Finishing-Blows (chance to defeat low-HP targets instantly);
♦ Tactical maneuvers (Trip, Bull-Rush..etc) no long punish on attempt, only upon failure;
and more! (And that’s not just a sales cliché either)

The Core rules For Viridian will remain free on the wiki for all to learn and use in your own campaigns, but by subscribing to the TTRPG Development tier you can help fund core content progress as well as get access to official campaign modules in future!

Various Comic and Novel Projects
(Story-Based Development)

Miraculous Mark Jerry and Friends
Characters to a new comic series in development.

AlienOvan is writing, storyboarding and illustrating Digital comics and novelisations. To be made available by Digital-Download in issues, and in physical volumes in future. While Comics and novelisations will be available on the e-Shop, those subscribing to the Story-Based Development Tier will be able to purchase and download the 1st and latest issue of any comic series for free, and a substantial discount on all other story-based products!

Comics produced by MWS are created in the Magic-Window Format: A presentation style with a fixed ratio framing that allows the simulation of animatic-motion that more traditional styles cannot reproduce. It not only allows for cool transitions between scenes and even within scenes, but it also helps with pacing and even keeps surprises secret right up until the reveal! Variable heights allow for 1/3rd, 2/3rd and full-page panels to create powerful imagery when the story calls for it.

Features and Expectations:
♦ Genres covering Modern-Superheroism, Fantasy-Adventure and Science-fiction;
Serial Comics will be released in parts to ensure faster delivery of content, without comprimising on quality;
Novelizations will contain additional illustrations that help bring stories to life and realize them with color;
♦ Serial comics will have physical volumes printed with added content to give extra value and reward comicbook collectors;
♦ Focus on storytelling, character development, and entertainment that anybody can enjoy.