Hire the services of Magic Window Studios for art commissions, or short-term/freelance projects. Visual and creative content tailored to your specifications; whether it be for personal-use or for commerical.


(including, but not limited to):

Artwork Commissions
Singular visual-art renderings according to content and style specifications.

Comic Commissions
Visual stories made in traditional and Magic-Window formats.

(NEW): VRChat Avatar Porting
Processing existing 3D models (provided by client) for playability in VRChat.
+Viseme Lip-sync, +Full-Body Tracking compatibility, +Desktop-friendly.

Commerical Designs
Menus, Logos, Decals, Patterns…etc

Updated: 5th August 2022

AlienOvan produces comicbook-style artwork and digital comics in both traditional and Magic-Window page formats.

• You can contact this artist by email at [email protected].
(Business inquiries only).

• You can view their portfolio on Artstation HERE.


(The Finish type you select, multiplied by it’s complexity points, is the quote the artist will use to determine cost.)

Inked/Monochrome Finish
£10/CP (£4)

♦ Art commission type focused on clean Inks and mono-chromatic shading.

(If you do not require monochrome shading, the cost will be lowered to £8.00/CP.)

Full-colour Illustration Finish
£15/CP (£6)

♦ Full-colour illustration art commission type with inks and shading.

(If you require only Flat-Colours instead of shading/rendering, the cost will be lowered to £12/CP.)

Other Project Types
Rates may vary, contact AlienOvan to discuss terms and specifications.



Complexity Points are used by the artist to add transparency to the pricing structure. Complexity is determined by time and effort needed to realise a design-brief.

Elements that may add or increase Complexity include:

• Characters and designs with higher detail requirements.
Backgrounds and scenes, scaling with client’s desired scenery detail requirements.
Art-style changes that differ from the artist’s normal style. Characters from other IPs will always default to ‘on-model’ when possible.

In some cases, Complexity may be reduced due to certain factors, the artist will inform you when these opportunities become relevant during negotiation. Above all, complexity is determined at the artist’s discretion.

Currency/Payment Conditions: Client must be able to pay the full cost of services and fees in Pounds Sterling (£), payment available via Paypal. Payments in other currencies permitted, amount subject to exchange rates to Pound Sterling (£). Transfer fees to be included in quote price.

Subscriber Discount Bonus: Clients may recieve a discount on Commission services if they are subscribed to @AlienOvan or MWS via
Subscribestar or Paypal-Subscriptions.

Discounts denoted by the symbol reduces the base price of commissions by 60% as part of a subscription discount. Subscribers are entitled to the discount for the duration of their subscription, however, Subscription status does not entitle commission availability nor bypass artist’s discretion.

Comic Commissions: Comic commissions are charged at a rate of 2 CP per page. Each Page consists of 3 rows of content (column splits no charge), comic format varies by client’s requirements. Page cost may increase according to detail requirements. The client is responsible for supplying a script to the artist to follow, if the artist is responsible for scriptwriting/storywriting, this will incur additional CP costs.

Copyright Restriction: Commission work for most forms of content including ‘Fanart’ is permitted, however copyright and trademark laws prohibit commercial uses of these intellectual properties. IPs belonging to the client will remain the client’s, the Artist will retain rights to the finished product itself.

Adult Content: Commissions containing mature/adult material will not be provided to clients under the age of consent in the country in which they are conducting business with the Artist. The artist will also not provide content featuring illegal imagery and subject-matter.

Business Inquiries only: The email ([email protected]) is only to be used for business or commission inquiries related to MWS or @AlienOvan only.


(Complexity 2 to 4, Full-Colour Illustration Finish)


(Complexity 2 to 4, Concept and Proofs (Pre-Ink/Finish)