ALIENOVAN (Name withheld)

Magic Window Studios founder, Comic-Comics Editor

Hello, I go by the name of AlienOvan, and I am the founder and editor of Magic Window Studios. I’m from the United Kingdom and my style is primarily inked lineart with processed cel-shading.

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A comic produced in 2019 as a prototype to the Magic Window Comic Format.
This is best viewed full-screen by clicking the image first, then using left and right arrow keys to navigate.

Lord Slug – Giant Battle (No Sound)


Sumo Daikaijin

The High-Guard

♦ Project Hero

A Superhero’s journey that takes a happy-go-lucky college student and his friends against the superpowered weirdness affecting the city after a cosmic power ripples its way across the world.

♦ Project Gameshow

Considered to be one of the most exciting spectator sports in the world, gigantic combatants from around the world compete in games of skill for the entertainment of the masses.

But something about this league isn’t quite what it seems…


♦ Project Green

Fantasy story set in the age of adventures. Hundreds of years after the war against the Giants, brave, opportunistic explorers begin to travel to new lands and uncover ancient treasures.