COMIC COMICS is a variety comic-book anthology with the intent to entertain readers with new talent and stories from artists and writers who may not be able to crowdfund themselves (or justify one by current crowdfund standards).

Calling back to the days when comic-books were filled with all kinds of strange and intriguing tales. COMIC-COMICS enables authors to submit series pilots and short-form stories to be produced and sold for reasonable prices. Buying an issue of COMIC-COMICS will help creators begin their journey to becoming professionals and support the Independent comic-book renaissance industry!


How does COMIC-COMICS work?
What is expected from both a reader and a creator?

For a Reader:
COMIC-COMICS is a variety comicbook anthology that contains a number of stories from different authors, sometimes of different genres entirely. Some stories are one-shot short stories that begin and end in the same issue, while others are designed to be pilot installments of what could become a series of comics with the same setting and characters.

If you the reader find any stories within an issue of CC good enough that it deserves a continuation, please let MWS, the author and everybody else know so they can encourage and potentially green-light a series into production!

For the time being, CC is going to be a digital comic that is delivered by download after purchasing it from MWS’s Shop page (currently unavailable until complete). Downloads may consist of a PDF or a comicviewer-archive, depending on the user’s preference. In the future MWS hope to be able to sell physical volumes of CC and other comics, with bonus content not found in the digital version.

For Creators:
The process is a lot more involved as it requires creating content which is compliant with MWS’s technical guidelines in order for each contribution is the correct size and shape to be set into comicbook formats. They will mostly be communicating with the editor on what is needed and to resolve any issues regarding submissions and content.

Will creators be rewarded for their work?
How are they compensated?

Yes, they will be compensated, but most of it will be through royalty payments.

As COMIC-COMICS is an anthology, multiple creators combine their works into a collection that is hosted and sold digitally (and eventually, as physical books). The amount of authors in an issue of CC determines how the royalty percentages are split, and the total number of pages the issue has determines the overall cost of the issue. Payments are royalty-based and intended to be issued one month after the initial release date of an issue.

As CC is a contribution-based project, authors are not commissioned directly by MWS and instead enter an agreement to have their comic featured in an issue of CC. One may submit a comic they have produced independantly from COMIC-COMICS and still be able to feature in the anthology so long as the submitted comic meets editorial standards and the comic is not publicly available anywhere else.

Creators are only paid a page-rate when they are commissioned directly by MWS.

Why wouldn’t creators just go on a crowdfunding website and raise money for their comics that way?

A very good question! Why wouldn’t creators just crowdfund their own comics instead of participating in COMIC-COMICS?

Truly talented artists with a proven track-record of quality, content, as well as business acumen can most definitely benefit from crowdfunding their comics by themselves without the need to work with a third-party. This is especially true of ‘Comicbook Pros’ that have worked in the Comicbook industry, often for many years and know exactly what is needed to go solo.

However, there are many creators out there who have the talent and ideas but lack the opportunity to get out there and publish for themselves. Some comic ideas may not be lengthy enough to stretch into an 80-page graphic novel, but can manage to be the length of a floppy-comics story. A collection of comic stories is appealing to the average consumer than a short comic in itself (especially if you have to pay for it). So the idea of CC is that creators can create something small in part of a collection to gain the experience, exposure and compensation to continue developing their work in the long-term!

If it truly comes to the point where a creator becomes successful enough that they later decide to go solo through independent comic book crowdfunding campaigns; we at MWS still respect and wish well to the creator and the long journey of realizing their own destiny and bring their creations to life!

Because in the end, we all want comics and creators to succeed and MWS is no different!


How does this affect Creator IPs and copyright?
Will creators retain their rights?

While it is common in the mainstream industry for companies to obtain the intellectual copyrights of works submitted to them, Magic Window Studios wants to be the ‘good guy’ by limiting the extent of how rights are used and allow creators to retain ownership of their creations, even if they leave affiliation with MWS.

The Creator must permit MWS and COMIC-COMICS to be able to redistribute, edit and monetize submitted content. MWS and the creator will agree to fair terms that enable the creator to still keep their intellectual property rights while enabling MWS to continue using materials permitted by their agreement for business reasons.

MWS believes it’s unfair that creators can sign away their treasured ideas and intellectual-properties in exchange for having those ideas realized. So MWS will endeavour to protect creators and let them retain the ability to use their work in areas outside of MWS projects as per any agreements made to ensure that both MWS and the creator(s) may benefit from the arrangement.

Where did ‘COMIC-COMICS’ come from anyway?

COMIC-COMICS is in itself inspired from Cartoon Network’s own ‘Cartoon Cartoon’ project that saw teams of animators create pilots of new shows that would end up becoming beloved memories for cartoon enthusiasts decades later. Naturally, the thought occurred: “Since Cartoon-Cartoons was so popular and successful in the 90s, why isn’t there a comicbook version of this?”

And thus COMIC-COMICS was born! Using its ultra-super-powers; Art, Stories and Characters. it dedicates its shelf-life to promoting Talent, and the forces of Entertainment!

I’m a creator and I want to submit something, what do I do?
[OR] I need to ask about something not explained here.

Check out the Career/Jobs page on this site on what you need to know before submitting and how to contact the editor to start a dialogue. COMIC-COMICS is not a one-step affair and communication between Editor and Creator is important.

You may not wish to fully commit into anything before you start sharing ideas or make any deals, so MWS wants to make it clear that you’re free to ask questions or query anything you’re not sure of. You can even leave constructive criticism or suggestions if you feel it will help. Just be nice about it, okay?