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Last updated: 3rd October 2020


MWS is looking to host Comic-Artists to produce for Magic Window Studio’s COMIC-COMICS project; a showcase anthology series for talented individuals to express their talent and ideas. Successful contributions will be compensated for their efforts, gaining royalties to the title their work is featured in.

MWS will look out for readers’ comments and reception to highlight opportunities to green-light authors to continue their work with us.

This opportunity is aimed at entry-level Comic-Artists to the basics of producing comics for sale, teaching technical compliance and producing quality content under time limits and deadlines. Creators are not bound to MWS for their contribution(s) to COMIC-COMICS (aside from legal agreements regarding permission and use).

There are a few things to consider in advance:


  • Creators will speak with the COMIC-COMICS editor (AlienOvan) to discuss the eligibility of a creator’s contribution first. This step will involve an email introduction followed by some form of real-time communication as agreed per the email.


  • Creators are responsible to complying with editorial controls, product specifications and providing content in a timely manner before the deadline. This is to ensure the content between creators isn’t wildly different in size and format from other submissions.


  • Content submitted to the editor must not be available outside of appearing COMIC-COMICS, unless said contribution has been vastly altered, improved or extended from any versions available to the public.


  • As the COMIC-COMICS project is a contribution-based assignment, creators are only compensated through a percentage of profits generated from books to which they helped produce (Royalties). The percentage is determined by the product’s total share of contributors and the profits per book depend on its page length.


  • Creators retain the copyrights of their content contribution so long as Magic Window Studios and COMIC-COMICS retains the rights to redistribute and sell the creator’s submitted content for the purposes of being sold as part of the COMIC-COMICS anthology, as per the agreement(s).


Contact @AlienOvan by email to set up a dialogue: email (at)

(In your subject header, use the phrase ‘COMIC-COMICS‘ to help identify your message more easily. It’s recommended you introduce yourself and your portfolio. Keep your idea pitch(es) brief until a dialogue is established, real-time text communication may be used, if you have or use Discord, this is the preferred form of communication.)