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Important Links and Resources

Viridian-Fantasy TTRPG Wiki
The wiki containing all the latest updates and game documention for the TTRPG, available for all to read.

Viridian-TTRPG Discord
Official Discord server for managing the game’s community and to give feedback and create characters.

Current events
Updated: 26th September 2022

Draft of the new Warfare skill article to replace One and Two-handed Arms.

“After some developments, it became obvious that in order to make sure all the Perks stayed relevant to the areas that they could be obtained from, I would need to house them on their own pages. For Skill-perks, I created the first specific Skill page that outlines its purpose and changed the mechanics involving Skill-Rating so that the perks manage the benefits given instead of the Skill itself.” 

“Gaining the first rank now rewards a number of key Perks needed for the Skill to work and every subsequent rank beyond gives the Player/Adventurer a choice on how to build upon it. Archetype Perks will soon be relocated to the Archetype they belong to for similar reasons, although an Adventurer can acquire Archetype Perks seperate from the AT, this will free up the Perks List for Universal Perks that do not have any special relationship to any other system. Racial Archetypes will naturally follow suit with Skills and Archetypes, only Racial ATs can only be picked up by those of that Race.”

“It will take a bit longer to create a page for every Skill, just so each one can have a set of Skill-Perks. But in the end this will be a much cleaner way to list all the perks and encourage players to explore the entire wiki for their character creation/progression needs. Links and instructions to find all of them will be held on the Perks and Perk-List pages to make it clear where most resources are.”

Screen-cap of ongoing developments regarding Perks and Archetypes.

“Current work is being done to build a Perk List for player characters in the Viridian-Fantasy TTRPG, to help build their characters further, then tie this development into revamping the Universal Archetypes to fix the depreciated Skill focuses and update them with new Thematic Perks to help flesh out the archetypes into more solid starter kits. Completion of these two steps will very likely bring Viridian into a playable state, with only scenario-creation being requires to test things out.”

“One play-tester has already created a Colossal-sized character for playtesting purposes, a Ravenni. Another playtester is also considering another Colossal-sized character, increasing the chances of a test campaign being set within the Viridian Republic. I will still need player characters from the Vermillion, Cerulean and Saffron factions to test for the main game, meaning characters between Tiny and Huge, not Colossal. I’d advise anyone to join the discord and get involved!”

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Important Links & Resources

AlienOvan on
Profile page of AlienOvan on VRChat, check for when he’s online and what his current status is. His Bio often contains information on current projects as much as the main site.

Current events
Updated: 23rd September 2022

Avatar in Development: Gokuwmon (From ‘Digimon’)

Image of Gokuwmon in a city landscape
Gokuwmon (City landscape is 1/6th scale)

“Stepping away from the Footstep Dynamics for a bit (further updates caused it to break further, will investigate later). I decided to port over an all-new model to the collection, Gokuwmon from Digimon! Aside from being cool looking for a humanoid, he has surprisingly good limb proportions for virtual reality, and it is with this model that I have applied my first ‘Prop toggle‘, allowing him to equip his long staff-like Fuhzi to his right hand, likely for bonking people.”

“I have plans to create alternate colour variations for this model as well, there’s lots of potential for alternate fur colours, skin tints, the colour for his bandana/neck-coif and other accents of the costume. Also improving the prop usage by adding dynamics, switching a toggle to the hand with a toggle to activate contacts to which Gokuwmon can draw his weapon from his body, instead of thin air!”

“Another thing I am pleased about with this attempt is learning about and mastering Phybones, the ability to have parts of the model have their own interactions and physics, things from the chains on his arms, to the laces on his boots and the various hair and accessories on his head all move according to gravity and touch!”

Avatar in development: Gantu (from Lilo & Stitch)

Sept 15th Update:
“After acquiring a sound-clip to test with, I can confirm that avatar dynamics can produce actual footstep sound triggers! Sadly, the activation is rather spotty, only triggering some times but not others. And it’s not like it’s intermittant, sometimes footsteps activate one after the other and then other times it just doesn’t. I can see that the contacts are activating but the sound-clip associated does not always play. This will continue to be worked on.

“Right now, I’m working on getting footstep sounds working for Gantu. I have the contact recievers and senders ready so that when the avatars feet touch the ground, a sound-clip will play. Furthermore, the minimum-velocity setting will allow it to only trigger when the contact is activated at a greater enough speed, enabling it to sound off when make deliberate steps, but not when shuffling about in place. Problem is: I’m still looking for a good sound-clip to use for the character, but I have someone on the case to find some good sources!”

Secondary avatar in development: “Shinobi” (original model from Mortal Kombat)

“I’m also looking into adding props to Shinobi, I’m aiming for Kunais, A Katana and even a Quarterstaff. With avatar dynamics, it will be possible to place them on his body and then intuitively set it up so they can be picked up by hand for a more immersive experience. This too requires more models in order to start the process but it’s the next thing in line. It’s probable that Gantu will also get his plasma pistol back and will be inplemented in a similar fashion.”

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Current Events
Updated: 13th September 2022

“I’ll admit, that this sector has had the least attention drawn to it since I started up production in August/September, but there are still a few written stories and comics I’m thinking about producing when I’ve run my course through my 3D-modelling and VRChat avatar creation phase. It’s entirely possible that the skills learned in those sectors will help lay the foundations of visual works like Comics. Even more tragically, any discussion of stories in development would be ill-advised to all except valued subscribers, so only expect news to be available to Story-based and Premium subscribers.”

I’ll be showing exclusive production sketches from this tier (and premium), but I’ll be sure to spoiler-tag anything in case people want to keep the surprise until the finished product. Although to be perfectly honest, the actual surprises I have in store will likely be a well-kept secret even from my subs, just to be extra sure!”

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