Project: Hero

Superhero story featuring multiple protagonists as they make sense of a catastrophe that warps the fabric of reality of their world, bringing about a new age of heroes and villains.

Set in a modern world where superpowered beings keep the peace, happy-go-lucky Cadet Mark Jerry alongside his training partner and rival Amy Rogas aim to be a part of H.E.R.O. the Homeland Emergency Response Organization along with their good friend of science and technology Rebecca Walker.

A Catastrophe causes the city and indeed their world to experience distortions in reality, a new beginning for many. Can Mark, Amy and Rebecca manage the hand they’ve been dealt, or will they fold in the chaos that ensues?

Miraculous Mark Jerry and Friends

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Project: Kyodai

Action story featuring giant monsters made for entertainment, tournaments and mini-games designed for Kaiju and other titanic beings. But it is as ethical as people think?

Set in the same world as Project: Hero, an organization created to manage and contain oversized creatures that could threaten the lives of ordinary people creates a cultural pastime by allowing giant beings to participate in fighting tournaments and party-style games.

Project: Kyodai follows stories of these giant performers on camera and behind the scenes, as well as outside individuals would end up changing their lives; A fan who discovers what it means to meet their idols, and an investigator who only wants to close the case once and for all.

Sumo Daikaijin