Hire the services of AlienOvan at Magic Window Studios for art commissions, or short-term/freelance projects.

Negotiate and contracts for visual and creative content tailored to your specifications; whether it be for personal-use or for commerical.


(including, but not limited to):

Artwork Commissions
Singular visual-art renderings according to content and style specifications.

Comic Commissions
Visual stories made in traditional and Magic-Window formats.

Commerical Designs
Menus, Logos, Decals, Patterns…etc

Consultation Service
Web-Design, Computing, Creative Design,
UX/UI Testing, Writing & Copyediting.

Video Editing, Streaming & Conversions
Editing, Effects, Frame-rate adjustments,
Transcoding and Video Optimisation,
Steaming Setup and Optimisation.

Updated: 14th April 2021


AlienOvan produces comicbook-style artwork and digital comics in both traditional and Magic-Window page formats.

• You can contact this artist by email at [email protected].
(Business inquiries only).

• You can view their portfolio on Artstation HERE.


Time-based Quote (Max-quote*)
£25 £20 for first three hours (total),
Then £10 £8 per additional hour.

(Unused time can be saved for clients seeking repeat custom for future projects.)

Other Project Types
Rates may vary, contact AlienOvan to discuss terms and specifications.


* Min/Max-Quote Definitions: Max-Quote is based on a complete process with full-colour specification, Min-Quote is based upon sketch and inkwork-only specifications.

Discount Definitions: Limited 20% discount to all clients based on Standard Price, offer to expire 30 days after a later date. Discount to remain offered to Members/Subscribers in future updates.

Payment Plan: This artist charges by a 2-payment plan: The first payment is as ascribed in the minimum ‘first hours/page’ rate, followed by the second remainder payment in receipt upon project completion. First payment is accepted only after both client and artist agree to terms and specifications.

Currency/Payment Conditions: Client must be able to pay in Pounds Sterling (£), client must have access to pay via Paypal (email provided privately).

Copyright Restriction: AlienOvan is open to commission work for most forms of content including ‘Fanart’, however be aware of copyright and trademark laws prohibit commercial uses of these intellectual properties; IPs belonging to the client will remain the client’s though the Artist will still retain rights to the product itself

Adult content: Commissions containing mature/adult material (Nudity with genitalia) will not be provided without proof the client is a legally-consenting adult in the country in which they are conducting business with the Artist. The Client takes full responsibility should they enter a contract falsely providing information to circumvent this restriction.

Business Inquiries only: This email is only to be used for business inquiries related to MWS or @AlienOvan only. It is advised that any correspondence to MWS or @AlienOvan is described as clearly, concisely and with minimal ambiguity as possible. Failure to state your business clearly may result in a delay in response or outright rejection. (This is an anti-spam disclaimer).