Magic-Window Premium Membership




This product is a representation of the Magic Window Studios Premium Membership subscription tier.

This tier covers all costs related to Magic Window Studio projects for one season (16 weeks / 4 months). The subscriptions you hold will influence the time spent on these projects, giving you more control of what you like to see produced by MWS. Any benefits granted by more focused tiers will be available to you as a MWS Premium member.

Access to all restricted/Members-only content for all Media types, all tiers including:
Tabletop RolePlaying Game(s) and,

Member-exclusive discounts for all product types:
1st and Latest Comic issues are free for active subscribers. (part of Story-Based Development)
Discount on all TTRPG products and premium content. (Base Game Documentation will always remain free)
Shipping costs reduced for Physical, shipped products.

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A Subscription is a regular payment that provides some benefits for as long as the membership lasts. It is not a physical item and expires with time.