Tabletop RPG Development Membership




This product is a representation of the Magic Window Studios Tabletop-RPG Development subscription tier.

This tier covers costs related to TableTop-RolePlaying Game Development and the Viridian-Fantasy TTRPG. The subscriptions you hold will influence the time spent on these projects, giving you more control of what you like to see produced by MWS.

β€’ Access to restricted/Members-only content for the Viridian-Fantasy TTRPG project and other MWS Tabletop game projects.

β€’ Member-exclusive discounts for TTRPG content product types, including Campaign modules. The Core game documentation will always remain free.

β€’ Be credited for projects you helped fund including: Modules and Game-master documentation and on the Wiki.

Additional information


A Subscription is a regular payment that provides some benefits for as long as the membership lasts. It is not a physical item and expires with time.